Friday, June 26, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen XVIII

Dear Diary,

I had a fabulous time at the ball. All the old biddies really got their knickers in a twist when I danced with Juliana. I wonder what Juliana thought of it all. It seems like absolutely nothing phases her (so frustrating!). Perhaps I w
ill have some time to discuss it with her this weekend.

I wanted to divert attention away from this "HAVE AN HEIR HAVE BABIES" destiny that everyone seems to expect from me. I'm going to get around to it! Just not before my dad gives up on me and reenters the dating scene, apparently. WHICH DIDN'T TAKE LONG.

Julianna: : | You have not yet reached the crystal. Are you making progress, or is it time for another plan?

Fatal: 8 ( (You think: That would probably be the drastic action she mentioned earlier.)

Do you say:

1. Leave it to me.
2. It's time for drastic action.

Fatal: I suppose...if you have another plan...

Julianna: : | Leave it to me.

(+1 Yielding) Fine.

That night, an explosion rocks the castle. A section of the Royal Treasury collapses, crushing the guards. Nothing is least, nothing that is publically acknowledged.

(+1 Depressed)

But when you look at your father, you know the crystal is gone, and he knows you are to blame. He will never trust you the same way again.

Mood: Lonely (Angry 3, Yielding 3, Lonely 4)

You may now choose two classes.

The players are relieved, "I say poison and public speaking. Do we have the crystal now?"

Me:  You will be able to get it from Julianna during the weekend if you want to.
You now have Poison 39.14 and Public Speaking 18.28.

Joslyn: It is the time of year to decide any necessary adjustments to the royal budget. The majority of the money we receive is already spoken for, but there is always some room for discretion.

(You fail an Economics skill check.)

Fatal: (I really don't understand all of these numbers.)

Do you want to

1. Raise taxes.
2. Keep them the same.
3. Lower taxes.

It is now revealed why the players have been taking poison.  One says, "Why isn't 'poison him' ever an option? I say 2.  Also, seems kinda lame the Witch's method for stealing the crystal had all the subtlety of a bomb."

Fatal says, "I think they're fine as they are."
Joslyn: As you wish.

I'm going to guess you guys want to visit Julianna? If not, you have your usual weekend options.

Fatal: Do you have it? You have it, don't you?
Julianna: : | The crystal? Of course. Everything is ready for you.
Fatal: frown emoticon Right. Did you really have to kill the guards?

Julianna: : | If you regret their sacrifice, then do not let it go to waste.
(+1 Pressured)
Fatal: (It's too late to turn back now. I have to do the best I can for my people.) What do I do?
Julianna: : | Pick up the crystal with your bare hands. Press it against your chest, over your heart, and say, "ILLUMINATE!"
Fatal: Here goes...ILLUMINATE!


The crystal has disappeared from view, but you know where it is.


(You have unlocked the achievement, "Transform Into a Lumen.")

Julianna: The priestess here is a friend of mine. Meet me there, and I will train you to use your powers.

(Magic classes are now available.)

Fatal: (I should feel happy...I'm a Lumen now. I just hope I'm doing the right thing.) (+1 Depressed)

Princess Fatal's Stats, Week 19

Mood: Angry (Angry 3, Yielding 3, Lonely 3)
Powers: Lumen
Outfit: Catsuit (Intrigue bonus)
Skill List:
Agility (Reflexes 31, Dance 11.86)
Animal Handling (Falcons 15)
Athletics (Climbing 10.3)
Conversation (Court Manners 43.7, Flattery 10.0, Public Speaking 18.3)
Economics (Accounting 47.31, Trade 13.67, Production 13.67)
Faith (Divination 15, Lore 15.8)
Intrigue (Includes Bonus from Catsuit) (Internal Affairs 77.8, Foreign Intelligence 43.1, Ciphering 46.9)
Medicine (Poison 39.1)
Military (Strategy 21.8, Naval Strategy 16.7, Logistics 15.4)
Royal Demeanor (Presence 50, Composure 15.27)
Weapons (Swords 5.2)

Continuing to next week, the players immediately start taking magic.

Wield magic class gives the note, "You learn to summon a small glowing light which can move around independently."

You now have Lumen(Wield Magic 10.15, Resist Magic 10.15).

King Joslyn: You are requested to stand in judgement. A man has been convicted of the murder-by-strangling of his wife. He does not deny the act, and yet he requests a pardon.

Fatal: If you admit you killed your wife, what makes you think I'm going to set you free? : |

The Condemned: Save me, Your Majesty! It wasn't my fault. DEMONS MADE ME DO IT! They twisted my fingers into wife found me screaming. She approached, and the chains wrapped around her...I need the priestesses to bless me and make me clean again!

Fatal: (You fail a Sense Magic Check. You wonder, "Demons that make you attack people. Is that possible???")

Should you

1. Pardon him
2. Imprison him
3. Execute him

Player:  Bah! It's like they specifically chose the one we didn't learn first. I'm inclined to believe him actually.  

Me:  Just in case you die here, I'm going to write a diary that's set before the weekend. Good luck! 

Player:  lol I don't understand this game. How could we die here? Are we, like, meeting with this guy privately in Fatal's bedroom? 

Me:   I guess it will be fun to find out how it happens if you do die here. :)P

Player:  Maybe when we execute him, it releases demons that eat Fatal.

Player:   I'm fine with pardoning him.

Princess Fatal's Diary:

Dear Diary,

Ultimate power is mine!!! ...for a now have a built-in pointer...maybe a cat toy...they like to chase dots of, I suppose I could use it to blind my enemies....if it were already bright enough that I could see their eyes. When the Countess said we would start small, I was thinking small as in create a small golem or blast a small keythong into atoms. I just hope the power gains are exponential. (Yes, I've been studying accounting again. In the end, it didn't help. Not only didn't I get in the treasury, but...Maybe there is a Curse of Idiocy on those tax forms. I can't actually detect magic in use yet, except for my own.)

Have to go to court again...

(+1 Depressed)

Fatal: I'm very sorry for your loss. The monsters are responsible, not you. Don't blame yourself. The priestess of the royal grove will take care of purifying you.

Man: Bless you, Your Majesty!

You have your usual options for the weekend. The treasury option will allow you to count your money once you have a higher accounting. (around 70?)

1. Visit the Royal Treasury (???)
2. Attend court (+2 Yielding, +1 Depressed + 1 Pressured)
3. Explore Castle (+1 Lonely, +1 Afraid)
4. Visit Tomb (+1 Depressed, +1 Afraid)
5. Attend Service (-1 Angry)
6. Walk in Garden (+1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
7.Play Sports (+1 Angry, - 1 Lonely)
8. Sneak out (+2 Willful, +1 Lonely)
9. Play with toys (+1 Yielding, +1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
10. Visit Dungeon (+1 Yielding, +1 Afraid)

That's all for me tonight, guys. Congrats on becoming a Lumen and not dying immediately afterward!

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