Monday, June 29, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen XX

You take classes in Sense Magic and Resist Magic, resulting in Sense Magic 25.16 and Resist Magic 36.55. You unlock a new outfit! (It doesn't say what it is.)

King Joslyn: A musician wishing Crown Patronage is here to see you.

Fatal: (That means money.)
Woman: Your Royal Highness! If you you accept me as a member of your court, I will immortalise you in word and song. I can entertain guests and lighten evenings.
Fatal: (I wonder if she writes naughty poetry?)
(You fail a Foreign Intelligence test. You pass an Intrigue test.)
Fatal: (Musicians are often useful as secret agents and messengers.)

The musician sings a little ditty to demonstrate her skills with a lute. (You fail an Instrument + Voice check.)

Fatal: (She's actually pretty good.)

1. Accept her as Court Musician.
2. Reject her.

Player:  So, does the fact that we failed an instrument + voice check mean that really she sucks?

Me:  Mayyyybee...

Player:  Plus she could be demon-posessed. I say we pass on her.    

You dismiss the musician. During the weekend, you sneak out.

Your mood is now Lonely (Angry 4, Willful 3, Lonely 5).

Dear Diary,

Today, Alice approached me again. "Um, Miss, her Ladyship the Countess and the High Priestess wanted me to give you this."

I would have said Here we go again, but really diary, at this point, there are no words. The first thing in the box was a head band with two tiny feathery wings on it. They had the merest blush of a pink hue. I believe the color is known as Angel Breath.

"Stop right there," I said to Alice, who had somehow phased halfway to the door without moving.

The second thing in the box was a pair of silk thigh-high hose with be-ribboned garters, a large red bow in the back and a tiny gold one on the front of each one.

There was also a pair of earrings--molded metal bows covered with a shiny pink shellac. Also, a pink rod with a heart on the end.

"This should come in handy," I said to Alice, who seemed to be failing to change color and blend in with the curtains.

Next I pulled out some arm bands in worked gold filigree, and a pair of fine (pink) leather kid gloves with a paler pink poof attached at the wrist. That, diary, was so they matched the skirt, a red leather over-skirt with twelve inch paniers holding out the poofy pink underskirt. The skirt wasn't long enough to cover, well, the shockingly pink panties that came next. And finally, a little, bitty, wee, hot pink, heart-shaped bustier with a big red leather bow in the back to hold it on. It did not, of course, have a back.

I pulled Alice out from under the bed and said, "Now--"

"Itwasn'tmyidea, Your Highness!"

"Well, who--"

"I don't know! I don't know. I asked everyone, and all they would say is it wasn't their idea! The card just said the Countess and--"

"You. Asked. Everyone. About this?" I pointed to the pink rod which was slowly sliding down the mountain of bustled skirt with a *rustle*.

"No," said Alice.

"I'm going to wear it," I said.

"Your Highness!"

"A girl can't wear a skin tight black velvet catsuit just everywhere, after all."

Alice turned a nice shade of puce, just managing to blend with the curtains.

"And look at the box. 'Magical Girl Outfit' That's what I will be, Alice. Soon."

You are now wearing the Magical Girl Outfit. Your skills have changed. You now have

Intrigue (Internal Affairs 67.8, Foreign Intelligence 33.1, Ciphering 36.9)
Lumen (Sense Magic 35.2, Resist Magic 46.6, Wield Magic 43.9)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen XIX

Player:  Was I right about the demons? You seem to know something.

Me:  He does actually have demons. I am not sure what combination of events would unleash them.

You sneak out for the entire weekend. One wonders what you were doing.

Your mood is now: Lonely (Angry 3, Depressed 1, Yielding 1, Lonely 4).

"You learn to sense magic within yourself." Sense Magic 11.27
"You learn to cast rays of white light which can banish shadows and blind your opponents." Wield Magic is now 21.43. (Clearly, Fatal was very frustrated after her diary entry and determined to improve.)

Alice: My Lady, there is a letter for you.
Fatal: It's not signed...

"It is a poem, describing you in a manner that is entirely inappropriate for a Queen."

Fatal: I...what--with a squid??!

What do you think? Is this

1. Hilarious?
2. Terrible?

Player:   1.  I hope this doesn't lead to our sudden death.   

 That's actually pretty funny! (+1 Cheerful)

Just then, an incredibly unlucky breeze swirls through your tower bedroom, tugging the paper out of your hands and towards the sky. You stick your head out the window and discover the poem caught and fluttering on the roof nearby. You can almost reach it.

1. Climb out and grab it.
2. Ignore it.

 Player:  2. definitely.

"What's the worse that can happen? It blows away, and someone reads it and laughs at you? That's better than breaking your neck. Besides, if you're lucky it will rain and wash the words away."

The usual options:

1. Visit the Royal Treasury (???)
2. Attend court (+2 Yielding, +1 Depressed + 1 Pressured)
3. Explore Castle (+1 Lonely, +1 Afraid)
4. Visit Tomb (+1 Depressed, +1 Afraid)
5. Attend Service (-1 Angry)
6. Walk in Garden (+1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
7.Play Sports (+1 Angry, - 1 Lonely)
8. Sneak out (+2 Willful, +1 Lonely)
9. Play with toys (+1 Yielding, +1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
10. Visit Dungeon (+1 Yielding, +1 Afraid)

Current Mood: Lonely (Angry 3, Yielding 1, Lonely 4)

Dear Diary,

Alice just "happened to find" a dirty poem about me in my room today. I wonder if this is related to how she happened to have to give me a catsuit. No one else has mentioned it, at all. Of course, that may be because "I" blew up the treasury. Mass destruction because I am not allowed in a has a way of staying fresh in the mind.

Your mood is now: Lonely (Angry 3, Willful 1, Lonely 5). What classes do you want to take this week?  

Player:  I wanna see what cool new outfit we get for Lumen

Player:  Her mom's old dragonskin top hat and cane.

(They decide on magic skills.)

"You learn to shield your mind from outside magic, but only when you have the energy to conscioiusly resist." You now have Resist Magic 22.67.

"You learn to create tiny discs of solid light which can spin through the air and cut into targets." You now have Wield Magic 33.94.

King Joslyn: I regret to inform you that Fabian, the Earl of Titan and Duke-Regent of Elath has passed away.

This isn't really a surprise; he was ridiculously old. The problem is political implications.

King Joslyn: With the control of Elath in doubt, it falls to the crown to appoint a regent for Young Lord Adair until he reaches his 15th birthday in two years. His stepmother, Arisse, Duchess of Lillah, has petitioned that the boy be left in her care. This would effectively give her control of two neighboring duchies, which is generally forbidden.

Fatal: (You fail a Novan History skill check.) That's almost the entire eastern border! 8 0 (You fail an Internal Affairs skill check.) I don't know anything really bad about her, though...

King Joslyn: The boy has a living grandfather, the Earl of Ishtar. Or you may appoint an unrelated noble to act in his stead. The Earl has suggested another possibility. You and Adair are not far apart in age. He requests that a marriage be arranged; the boy would then move into the castle.

1. Leave him with Arisse.
2. Send him to his grandfather.
3. Marry him.
4. Send him to your uncle.

The players ask how old Adair is.

Me:  I can't tell. He has an anime head. They all look the same to me.

Player:  _%

Me:  Fatal reports that he does not light her fire, but whatever, it's just a political marriage.

Player:   I think we can do better with regard to marriage.

You send him to his grandfather.

Fatal: The Earl of Ishtar is the closest blood relative of Adair. He should be the regent.

Joslyn: As you wish.

The usual options:

1. Visit the Royal Treasury (???)
2. Attend court (+2 Yielding, +1 Depressed + 1 Pressured)
3. Explore Castle (+1 Lonely, +1 Afraid)
4. Visit Tomb (+1 Depressed, +1 Afraid)
5. Attend Service (-1 Angry)
6. Walk in Garden (+1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
7.Play Sports (+1 Angry, - 1 Lonely)
8. Sneak out (+2 Willful, +1 Lonely)
9. Play with toys (+1 Yielding, +1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
10. Visit Dungeon (+1 Willful, +1 Angry)

Current Mood: Lonely (Angry 3, Willful 1, Lonely 5)

Dear Diary,

The Countess declared this week that I now know just enough magic to be dangerous. That was what the weaponsmaster thought about my fencing as well. Slowly, but surely, I will become awesome.

I refused another proposal this week. I mean...Lord Adair, he's just a little snotty kid!!! He sneezed on me in school once! Ewww! I'm sure I can do better than that.

Players decide Sports for the weekend.

Your mood is now: Angry (Angry 4, Willful 1, Lonely 4)

Powers: Lumen

Outfit: Catsuit (Intrigue bonus)
Skill List:
Agility (Reflexes 31, Dance 11.86)
Animal Handling (Falcons 15)
Athletics (Climbing 10.3)
Conversation (Court Manners 43.7, Flattery 10.0, Public Speaking 18.3)
Economics (Accounting 47.31, Trade 13.67, Production 13.67)
Faith (Divination 15, Lore 15.8)
Intrigue (Includes Bonus from Catsuit) (Internal Affairs 77.8, Foreign Intelligence 43.1, Ciphering 46.9)
Lumen (Sense Magic 11.3, Resist Magic 22.7, Wield Magic 33.9)
Medicine (Poison 39.1)
Military (Strategy 21.8, Naval Strategy 16.7, Logistics 15.4)
Royal Demeanor (Presence 50, Composure 15.27)
Weapons (Swords 5.2)