Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen XI

Outfit: Catsuit
Skill List:
Conversation (Court Manners 10.5, Flattery 10.0)

Agility (Reflexes 31)
Athletics (Climbing 10.3)
Animal Handling (Falcons 15)
Intrigue (Bonus from Catsuit) (Internal Affairs 36.6, Foreign Intelligence 43.1, Ciphering 46.9)
Medicine (Poison 10)
Military (Not Including This Week's Classes) (Strategy 5.1, Logistics 15.4)
Faith (Divination 15, Lore 15.8)

Princess Fatal's Diary:

Dear Diary,

This week, my maid Alice approached me and said, "Um, miss? I have a present! For you? It'snotfromme. Your Intrigue tutors asked me to give you this. They said, and I didn't say this, but they did, that, 'If you must come to our classes so often, for gods's sake, change clothes occasionally so the others can be washed.' That's what they said. Pleasedon'tkillme."

"I'm not going to kill," I said. At this point, I will wear anything...but Diary, I opened it, and it's a skin tight microfiber black velvet body suit with an abundance of silver zippers. I'm wearing it. Anything but this tweed skirt for the tenth week in a row. Alice said they ordered an underbutler to buy something ultra-feminine. I don't care. I'm wearing it.

In other news, I am totally going to war this week. Well, not me, but all the soldiers. Apparently another country is occupying part of mine! Not cool! I'm going to ask my Strategy teachers to explain more about this map concept this week so I can decide how angry to be.

You now have Naval Strategy 16.66 and Strategy 21.76 (replacing the above values).

Event: You receive a report on the outcome of the battle against Ixion. You succeeded in driving them out of Maree, but it cost a full battalion of soldiers. You lost 924 soldiers. (+1 Angry)

": | The Duke of Maree will be happy, but we could have done better!"

You now have the option to talk to your father for an unknown effect as well as the usual list for the weekend. What should you do over the weekend?

The players decide to visit Dad.  To their surprise, they can't beg him for the Lumen Stone this time.
You ask, "Dad, if this trouble with Ixion started years ago, why didn't Mom fix it?" He replies, "Your mother told the Duke of Maree and the Duchess of Hellas that it was their problem, and they should sort it out themselves." "Oh. frown emoticon Should I have done that?"

Joslyn: "The situation is different now. Everyone wishes to see what sort of Queen is coming to the throne."

Fatal thinks: Everyone is judging me. (You gain +1 Yielding, +1 Pressured.)

Your mood is now: Willful (Afraid 1, Cheerful 1, Willful 3, Lonely 3).

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