Friday, June 5, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen IX

What classes should Fatal take during Week 7?

The players begin PMing each other and come to me with a finalized decision concerning classes.

How mysterious. Okay. Result: You now have Ciphering 17.47 and Foreign Intelligence 33.10. You learn, "The domain of Shanjia, across the sea to the west, has been steadily increasing in size, and now controls a wide range of coastline as well as most of the navigable rivers" and "The political disruption in Tombula in recent years has caused a disruption in their chocolate production, which is to the benefit of Nova, particularly the duchy of Kigal."

Event: The King informs you that, "There is a man here to see you. He requests funding for a project of his. Remember, the treasury is not unlimited. If you choose to invest, you will have less money for future project." The man says, "Your Royal Highness, I have a plan: metal letters which can be moved and reused to print books. I need to borrow 875 lassi to assemble a factory to mold and cast the type. With this system, we will be able to create books in a fraction of the time it takes now and send them all over the world!" (You fail a check on Production + Trade. You think, "I don't really know much about factories. It doesn't seem like it would be worthwhile.") You say, "We are not interested. wink emoticon"

Your weekend choices are the same as last week:
1. Visit the Royal Treasury (?)
2. Attend court (+2 Yielding, +1 Depressed + 1 Pressured)
3. Explore Castle (+1 Lonely, +1 Afraid)
4. Visit Tomb (+1 Depressed, +1 Afraid)
5. Attend Service (-1 Afraid)
6. Walk in Garden (+1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
7.Play Sports (+1 Angry, - 1 Lonely)
8. Sneak out (+2 Willful, +1 Lonely)
9. Play with toys (+1 Yielding, +1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
10. Visit Dungeon (+1 Willful, +1 Angry)

The players argue extensively over this activity.  In the end, they decide on option 9.

Your mood is now Willful (Afraid 2, Depressed 1, Willful 4, Lonely 3). 

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