Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen VIII

Mood: WILLFUL (Afraid 3, Depressed 2, Willful 4, Lonely 2)

Fatal now has Internal Affairs 26.56. You learn, "Your maternal uncle's wife, the Countess Nix, claims kinship to the old Merva line and asked your mother for title to the duchy. However, no one could verify her lineage. As a compromise, your mother named her brother Duke of Merva." Fatal has Court Manners 10.

Event: A maid runs down the stairs towards you carrying a towering pile of linen. (You fail an Elegance skill check. You pass a Reflexes skill check.) You swiftly step out of her way.

 The players perceive this as an assassination attempt.  They also realize there have been two Reflex checks so far and decide this must be a critical skill.
1. Visit the Royal Treasury (?)
2. Attend court (+2 Yielding, +1 Depressed + 1 Pressured)
3. Explore Castle (+1 Lonely, +1 Afraid)
4. Visit Tomb (+1 Depressed, +1 Afraid)
5. Attend Service (-1 Afraid)
6. Walk in Garden (+1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
7. Play Sports (+1 Angry, - 1 Lonely)
8. Sneak out (+2 Willful, +1 Lonely)
9. Play with toys (+1 Yielding, +1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
10. Visit Dungeon (+1 Willful, +1 Angry)

Fatal is currently Willful (Afraid 3, Depressed 2, Willful 4, Lonely 2). 

Diary of Princess Fatal:

Dear Diary,

With the help of my Intrigue teachers I am making a list of people who want to kill me. It's soothing in a way. One day I will have my revenge. I am also practicing curtseys for the upcoming Gala Ball. I'm not sure who invented the curtsey, but if I find out, he's going on the list.

The players decide to risk all and attempt the treasury.
(You fail an accounting skill check. You fail a presence skill check.) "You try to talk your way past the treasury guards, but despite eyelash-fluttering, foot-stomping, and outright threats, they won't budge. Hmph!" (You gain +1 Willful, +1 Angry).
 Princess Fatal's Stats
Mood: WILLFUL (Afraid 2, Depressed 2, Willful 5, Lonely 2)
Outfit: School Uniform
Skill List:
Agility 31 (Reflexes 31)
Animal Handling 15 (Falcons 15)
Conversation 20.5 (Court Manners 10.5, Flattery 10)
Faith 30.8 (Divination 15, Lore 15.8)
Intrigue 42.2 (Internal Affairs 26.6, Foreign Intelligence 15.6)
Medicine 10 (Poison 10)
Military 20.5 (Logistics 15.4, Strategy 5.1)
Weapons 5.2 (Swords 5.2)

Training Bonuses from Best to OK:
Animal Handling

Training Penalties (So Bad You Can't Learn At All due to High Willful):
Royal Demeanor

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