Monday, June 8, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen X

You go to class, resulting in Ciphering 36.87 and Climbing 10.26. You unlock the Catsuit (?), which gives a bonus to all Intrigue levels. You will put it on next week before class unless you say otherwise.
Event: Banion, Duke of Maree, Earl of Serenitatis arrives to speak with you. "Your Highness, my sympathies for your loss. After all these years, I sometimes forget my own mother will never be coming back." Princess Fatal says, "frown emoticon Thank you."

Banion: However I must call for your aid. The Ixionite occupation of the couty of Imbrium has gone on too long. Now is the time to push back.

Fatal thinks: (You fail a Foreign Affairs check.) There have been some problems with Ixion, but I don't know the details. I guess they are occupying Southern Maree? (You pass a Military skill check.) We have plenty of troops, so it shouldn't be hard to drive them out, if we want to make a fight of it.

Do you want to
1. Try to negotiate.
2. Prepare for battle.

A player replies with, "Huzzah! Catsuit! I say we do glorious battle," and the others quickly agree.

"Well, if they want a fight, then we'll give it to them. I will arrange for troops to be sent to your aid." (+1 Willful) Banion says, "Thank you, Your Highness. If I may ask....that necklace you're wearing. Where did it come from?" You say, "It was a gift from the Duke of Sedna." Banion asks, "Then, you have made arrangements with him?" (You pass a Court Manners skill check and think, "I think he's asking if I'm engaged to the Duke!")

Should you say:
1. I'm considering it.
2. I just like jewelry.

The players don't seem interested in the romance options.  They always immediately choose the involvement option.

You say, "No arrangements yet, but I look upon him fondly." Banion says, "I see. Your happiness is my utmost concern, Your Highness." You say, "Thank you! grin emoticon" (+1 Cheerful)

Your mood is now Willful: (Afraid 2, Willful 4, Lonely 3). Your weekend choices are the same as usual. You will fight a battle in the upcoming week (I've never fought this one, so you may die. Who knows?) What will you choose?

I attempt to shake the players' confidence.  They have been lucky so far, but Long Live the Queen is really unfair and brutal on those who don't min-max.  The players decide to visit the garden.

Your mood is now: Willful (Afraid 2, Cheerful 1, Willful 4, Lonely 4).

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