Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen XIV

You now have Court Manners 43.7. (Note: Remember, there is a cap of 50 on this class until you have improved Flattery and Public Speaking to 25.)

You now have Accounting 11.01.

Dear Diary,

This week, I received my first proposal. From the Duke of Sedna!? He's ancient! Like, 24! I think a girl should always turn the first one down, don't you? One has to maintain an air of mystery. And at least I got a necklace out of it.

Thanks to my Court Manners studies, I now know that the necklace was meant as a courting gift, but I also know that they can't be returned. Your loss, buddy! So...sparkly...


The king says, "You are requested to stand in judgement. A woman has been convicted of attempted murder and requests the mercy of the Crown."

Kevan, Earl of Io says, "Your Highness! This slattern dares to beg pardon, when she ADMITS that she tried to poison my sister under her own roof!"

You say, "Which sister?"

Kevan: Corisande, the Duchess of Mead.

Fatal: (You fail a Novan History skill check.) Is she all right?

Kevan: She is unharmed. We caught the culprit in the kitchen before anyone could eat her foul spew.

Fatal: Well, what do you have to say for yourself?

Woman: It's justice, it is! Them devils killed me brother, and broke me mam's heart. Lied to her, they did, when she went to see why he'd not come back. Said he'd gone for a soldier, when he never would! He weren't the only one neither. I waited ten years for my chance to get my own back. That's justice!

Kevan: You see? She's completely unrepentant! Hang her and be done with it.

Fatal: (Internal Affairs Partial Success on a skill check.) (This might have something to do with the last Duke of Mead. He was involved in all sorts of scandals.)

What should you do?

1. Put her to work.
2. Imprison her.
3. Execute her.
4. Ask the Earl of Io about her story.

Again, the players attempt to gather information.

(You fail a Court Manners check.) Did the old Duke kill her brother?

Kevan: Are you ACCUSING my family?

Fatal: I'm asking what happened!

Kevan: The honor of our line is far greater than that of the child who sits on the throne!

Fatal: :0 What!?

The Earl of Io draws a dagger and slices the prisoner's throat.

Kevan: No one insults my family. No one!

He tossed the dagger at your feet and walks away.

Fatal: : 0

You now have the usual weekend options.

A player asks, "Are you sure we can't have him thrown in the dungeon?"

Apparently not.

He continues, "Well, I'll have my revenge eventually."

You attend court. Your mood is now Yielding (angry 1, depressed 1, yielding 2, lonely 2).

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