Friday, June 12, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen XII

What classes should Fatal take this week? (By the way, there is a Royal Procession before the ball.)

(Also, your skill penalties are still enough so that you can't learn Royal Demeanor, History, or Economics.)

The players are all very "meh" about their options.  I think they wanted to be mowing down peasants at this point.  I choose their skills for them..

Internal Affairs since that was the highest available bonus.

Event: The king informs you that an *ahem* keythong has been sighted leaving the Old Forest. (You fail a Lore check. You
fail a Novan History check.) You don't know what a keythong is, but the king tells you it's an unkillable monster. There's nothing to do when one is sighted but hope you are not in its way.

Fatal: So...we just let it eat people? frown emoticon
King: Everyone dies in the end.

You gain +1 Depressed.

You also receive a letter. "Talarist, the Duke of Sedna, will be arriving next week for an official visit."

You Attend Court during the weekend.

Princess Fatal's Stats:

Mood: Lonely (Afraid 1, Depressed 1, Willful 1, Lonely 2)
Outfit: Catsuit (+ to all Intrigue skills)
Skill List:
Agility (Reflexes 31)
Animal Handling (Falcons 15)
Athletics (Climbing 10.3)
Conversation (Court Manners 16.68, Flattery 10.0)
Faith (Divination 15, Lore 15.8)
Intrigue (Bonus from Catsuit) (Internal Affairs 77.8, Foreign Intelligence 43.1, Ciphering 46.9)
Medicine (Poison 10)
Military (Strategy 21.8, Naval Strategy 16.7, Logistics 15.4)
Weapons (Swords 5.2)

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