Friday, May 15, 2015

Community Game: Driftmoon I

Last year, I started running occasional forum games where I play a video game, allowing forumites to direct my decisions.  I also add some creative writing where appropriate and change the dialog if it's too painful for me to report.  This time, I'm doing Driftmoon, a charming Indie RPG.  I hope to make the game more interactive by allowing the players to select actions that may not be in the game.  I'm also going to run fights in a different system that I'm pretty much making up.  We'll see how it goes!

You are from Northrop on the moon of Driftmoon. As a young person, you have been out a'wandering, but one day you receive a letter:

"[Your name], my child,

"Do you remember your grandfather Marthon's strange gem? Things have gone terribly wrong with it! Please come see me as quickly as you can. I will tell you more when you arrive at the Northrop Inn. I can not risk writing more in this letter.

"Stay safe,

"Your father Winston"

You quickly make your way home. After a long and dusty journey, you reach the outskirts of Northrop. Rince the Hatmaker, unofficial town greeter, is loitering by the well. He is of course wearing a snazzy maroon hat.

"Hi, there! Your mother has been dropping hints that you might be coming this way. She's not here right now, but believe me, she's been waiting around to see you every day. I've seen a lot of strange people coming through lately... No matter. It's awfully nice to see you back at the village. What brings you here?"

Okay, now it's your turn.

What is your name and gender? Do you want to talk to Rince? If there are multiple suggestions, work it out in the comments.

Player A says, "My name is Fluffy Aryglebutter, and I should talk to Rince."

Player B says, "My name is Walter, and I am male. I tell Rince that I am here to visit my parents."

Me:  Okay, so far, we have your standard-issue Walter, and Fluffy Argylebutter, the content of whose pants is a secret known only to zirself (and anyone that changed 'is diapers). Who shall it be? 

Player A says, "I'm okay with combining and being male." 

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