Sunday, April 26, 2015

Let's Play Saints Row II: Part IX

So, Shaundi, after so many days, you finally decide to show up again.

And I see you've brought me a little present.


Girl, I think you've been smoking it.

She tells me the Sons of Samedi have cornered the market on smoking light bulbs.

Maybe drugs are what the people want.  Dunno.  I've never been in touch with my feminine, nurturing side.

'K  Sounds good.  But lemme guess...I'm the one who has to go get it. 
My brilliant plan is to beat up the drug dealers and take their drugs.


Bystanders huddle together for protection from my wrath.  Awww...I'm really bringing people together.

Drugs procured, I go back to my car only to find two goth kids playing paper, rock, scissors over it.  MINE, you little punks.

Do I remember something about a horrific car crash?  No, no, still here in front of my car with two goth kids fighting over who gets to steal it.  These lightbulbs are giving me the heebie jeebies, I guess.

Meanwhile, my devious Rasta Cam captures a high-level meeting in the mobile fortress of the crime boss known only as "The Samedi."

Awwww, you can't find your drugs today?  *heehee*

Mobile fortresses are sortof cool, but what if you need a lot of room so you can smack a pimp?  Then they are USELESS.

*live footage from Stray Cat Cam*

Somehow my car has picked up a smoking habit.  Did it have something to do with that horrific crash earlier?  The one that actually didn't happen...imma drop these lightbulbs off with Shaundi now.

Back at my crib, my Secret Feminazi Spy Force informs me they have begun infiltration of the Police Dept.  Excellent, my minions.

You cold tho girl?  Just sayin.

The boys have been working on a map of a city.  We now own a purple (of course) blotch in the middle of Samedi's territory.  I've finally started to make my mark on this city!

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