Sunday, May 17, 2015

Community Game: Driftmoon II

Your name is Walter "Fluffy" Argylebutter, male human. You tell Rince that your father requested you to come to town, saying something about some jewel.

"Well, huh," says Rince. "I thought Old Winston was up to something in his new alchemy lab. Did you know your brother Robert recently showed up, too? Wonder what that's about. Things has been weird around here in general lately. Plotho had a major accident...oh, he's fine. Your mother patched him up. So that's alright. But, hey, Seria has gone missing! Her parents are worried...say, here comes your mother. Boy, she's in a powerful hurry. Tell you what, let me buy you a drink at the tavern later, and I'll fill you in."

Rince strolls toward the town center, taking off his hat when your mother runs by him. He winks at you and continues walking.

"Mom--!" you say, but she shoves you hard.

"Wha--" you say.

"Don't ask questions. Hide! Hide!" she says. She shoves you again, hard, and you topple over. You gasp as realize you are falling into the old well, but before you can even think about grabbing for something, you hit the ground.

You open your eyes to the circle of sky far overhead. From the quality of light, you may have been in the well all night. Fortunately, it's filled with nothing right now but a thick layer of pollen. Your head is sore, but you feel okay. As you stand up, a feather falls off your face. It may have woken you up. It has a metallic sheen in the low light. You take a torch out of your travel pack and glance around.

What now, Fluffy?

Player A says, "Walter should stow the feather in his travel pack, and also take inventory of what else he has with him; then he should look or feel around the interior of the well for footholds or a secret passage out. He should also be thankful he's a bit "fluffy" as he managed to not break any bones on his way down."

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