Monday, May 18, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen I

In 2014 on Facebook, I began my first community game experiment.  For this game, I played Long Live the Queen (PC game) following the suggestions of the community.  I posted the results of the actions as well as the main character's diary entries, written by me.  Here is the game rules summary I posted.

You are a 14-yr old princess in a modernish fantasy land.  Your mother just died.  If you can make it to 15, you will be crowned Queen.  You have 52 weeks to go from 0 to Hero. (NOTE:  This turned out to be inaccurate.) 

Starting Stats
Mood:  Depressed (Afraid -2, Depressed -4 means overall mood is depressed (afraid does nothing))
Skills:  None
Outfit:  School Uniform (No Bonus)

Every week:

You may change your outfit for bonuses if you have unlocked bonus outfits.
You select two classes to study that week.
Your skills improve, first in one class then the other.  (Bonuses from the first class
affect the second class; your mood may give a bonus or a penalty.)
An event happens that may test your skills or change your mood (or kill you).
You pick a weekend activity that may test your skills, change your mood, or kill you.

Mood Chart (8 possible moods in 4 continuums; tie breakers go up then left)
Afraid vs. Angry
Depressed vs. Cheerful
Yielding vs. Willful
Lonely vs. Pressured

Skills follow:

Skill Name
    Possible Classes to Take to Improve Skill
    Mood Bonus
    Mood Penalty

All Skills Start at 0.  Skills in a particular class improve at a rate of 10/week if you take that class and don't change otherwise.  Mood Bonuses improve this; Mood Penalties decrease this.  Learning more skills in a skill type improves the rate slightly.  Class skills are capped at 50/100 until you have at least 25 in all three classes for a particular skill.  Every week, events happen that test some of your skills.  Gaining 25/100 in all three classes for a skill unlocks a bonus outfit (an outfit that gives you bonuses).

NOTE:  Lumen (Magic) is unavailable at the start of the game.

Social Skills
Royal Demeanor
    (Composure, Elegance, Presence)
    (-Afraid, Angry, Depressed, Lonely, Willful)
    (Court Manners, Flattery, Public Speaking)
    (+Lonely, Cheerful)
    (Decoration, Instrument, Voice)

Physical Skills
    (Dance, Flexibility, Reflexes)
    (Archery, Swords, Polearms)
    (-Afraid, Yielding, Cheerful)
    (Climbing, Running, Swimming)
    (+Cheerful, Pressured)
Animal Handling
    (Dogs, Falcons, Horses)

Intellectual Skills
    (Novan History, Foreign Affairs, World History)
    (-Willful, Pressured)
    (Internal Affairs, Foreign Intelligence, Ciphering)
    (-Afraid, Lonely, Cheerful)
    (Herbs, Battlefield Medicine, Poisons)
    (Accounting, Trade, Production)
    (No Bonus, Ever, Since Everyone Hates Math At All Times)
    (-Willful, Pressured)
    (Strategy, Naval Strategy, Logistics)
    (+Willful, Angry)
    (-Afraid, Cheerful)

Mystical Skills
    (Meditation, Divination, Lore AKA Magical History)
    (+Afraid, Pressured, Yielding)
Lumen AKA Magic
    (Sense Magic, Resist Magic, Wield Magic)

And here is the start of the game.

Week 0:
What is your name?
Pick two classes to take this week.

 The players decide on the name "Fatal," in a surprisingly unanimous decision.  (NOTE:  The game does not actually let you name your character.)  The players want Fatal to take magic and falconry, but I tell them magic is not available yet.  They suggest that assassinship would be a good class to take but barring that, they will go with Intrigue.

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