Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Community Game: Driftmoon IV

The party has now avoided/not avoided Combat 1 using a Schrodinger's cat approach.

Scenario A:

Walter decides to take a flying leap over the ooz. It has been a long night, and it is beneath him to handle someone else's pest problem.

Walter is "Fluffy," so he is rolling against a 9, but the rock did distract the ooz, so it is hunkered down instead of reaching for him for +4. Walter rolls: 6, a success! He has made it to someone's basement! (Note, in general you want to roll below the target number, and I am rolling 3 6-sided (cube) dice. If you want to roll some dice and report the results, go ahead!)

Scenario B:

Walter shouts, "For Dignity and Beyond!" and stabs the ooz. He rolls an 8, a success. He rolls 2 damage. The ooz is too slow to sense the dagger in time to dodge, so it now has 1 health. The ooz surges up the dagger towards Walter (7 to hit). Walter attempts to shake it off his dagger but fails (14 to parry, far above the 6 you need). The ooz stings his hand a bit (1 dmg). Walter stabs again (8 to hit) and rolls a one for damage. The ooz is now less squirmy and more goopy. It is probably dead. Walter steps into the basement.

Either way:

Walter feels a bit silly having outwitted/had an epic battle with a common household pest. Walter makes a note that there are 14 steel arrows here and some food. He climbs a sturdy ladder against the wall, finally gaining daylight. For mysterious reasons, the secret door in the dry well apparently leads to the tavern in the outskirts of town. He was in the root cellar, which was not as clean as one hopes for a public establishment, and now he stands in the kitchen. There is a pot on the stove that seems to have boiled itself dry. Walter can see through a beaded doorway the dining room with the familiar two long tables, but they seem to have added a weird gaudy statue of a man done in obsidian since he was last here. There are two doorways leading to the owner's private rooms to the left, one open and one closed, and a doorway to the outside. Through the windows, Walter can see the cliff face that shades the tavern and nothing else. No one seems to be around.


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