Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Community Game: Driftmoon III

You have a large-brimmed hat and a do-rag, normal clothes, and walking shoes. Your shoes are pretty dirty at this point. Your do-rag was pretty rank yesterday, but it seems to have dried to a crusty finish overnight. You have 3 sets of dirty socks and unmentionables in your backpack. You have a canteen with water, and a handful of berries. You were really hoping your mother would do your laundry and make you dinner instead of pushing you down a well. You put the feather in your backpack. It might bring you good luck.

You look around. You think you are probably too fluffy to make it to the top of the well. Surprisingly, there is some graffiti down here. You see "George Wuz Here," "Call Oli for a good time," and some tally marks in the wall then, "THAT MAKES THREE DAYS BEFORE I FOUND THE SECRET DOOR!" says some shaky writing. This is followed by a big arrow pointing to an almost invisible button. Aha!

You push open a door that leads to a dark hall. On the floor is a dagger almost entirely consisting of rust. You pick it up. You find another door at the end of the hall. Inside you can see a small amount of food and some arrows on a shelf, but by opening the door you have disturbed a Tiny Yellow Ooz [sic] that was growing in the door sill!

You are facing 1 Tiny Yellow Ooz [sic].
Tiny Yellow Ooz
3 Health
Armor: None
Weapon: Acidic Pseudopod for 1-2 health damage
Intelligence: Tropisms Only
Goal: Absorb Unusually Large Meal
Movement: Rooted

10 Health
10 Magic
10 Fatigue (you are currently not tired; you can use fatigue as magic at the risk of passing out)
Armor: Normal Clothes reduce health damage by 1
Weapon: Rusty Soldier's Dagger for 1-3 health damage.
Weapon Skills: You have a Knife skill of 10, so you hit 50% of the time.
You can try to parry, but your knife is very small and cheap. You have a parry score of 6, so you succeed 9.3% of the time.
Focused Blow. Costs 7 magic. Multiplies the damage of your next attack with a melee weapon by 1.5.

You can try attacking with your dagger or something more creative if you wish. Your health, magic, etc, will refresh after the fight.

Player A says, "It looks like all you have to do is hit the tiny yellow ooz 1 to 3 times, and you win. It doesn't look very dire."

Player B says, ""As the Tiny Yellow Ooz is rooted, can't Walter just walk past it, in effect ignoring it? It seems silly to fight a Tiny Yellow Ooz.

"If Walter does not have the option of ignoring the TYO, then he should look around for some rocks at the bottom of the well, and stone the TYO, perhaps from a distance from its acidic psuedopod. His war cry is 'For Dignity and Beyond!'"

Me:  Walter experimentally gets near the ooze. It seems to react to his heat or something and reaches for his foot. Walter goes back and finds some little shards of flint in the well. He tosses one at the TYO. It lands in the middle of the mass. Little pseudopods form around the rock, and the ooz begins feeling at it. It seems distracted. Walter can try jumping over it or attacking it. Either option makes him feel a bit silly. 

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