Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen V

Dear Diary,

It's been difficult to concentrate on my lessons lately since I am so afraid. There was a maybe, yes, probably, an assassination attempt over the weekend. I can understand if you hire an assassin for someone you hate, like Laurilee did that time (no big, but I still think she deserved it), but people are trying to kill me I don't even know about. I probably haven't even heard of them! I can at least be fairly sure it wasn't Julianna who did it since she rescued me...

This week, I did learn that our country is not really that small; it's called a "map." Also, the pointy end of the sword goes in the other person. I'm sure this will come in handy one day. I surprised my Lore teacher by already knowing about Lumen crystals. I didn't tell her how I knew. Magic is apparently a touchy subject in the kingdom right now if good ol' dad is any indication. I mean, ugh, he should let me make up my own mind! I am not thirteen anymore after all.

Event! You think, "The castle seems quieter with Charlotte, Emry, Zahra, and their parents gone. It's certainly not empty, though. It seems like we get more servants every day. (You fail a Poisons skill check.) I was so worried about Charlotte, after that snake bit her...but her mother said she's okay so I guess it turned out all right. Maybe she has a guardian angel! grin emoticon"

What will you do for the weekend?

Mood: AFRAID (Afraid 4, Depressed 3, Willful 2, Lonely 1)

1. Talk to Your Father (Has an unknown effect)
2. Attend Court (Gives known bonuses +2 Yielding, +1 Depressed, +1 Pressured)
3. Explore Castle (+1 Lonely, +1 Afraid)
4. Visit Gardens (+1 Lonely +1 Cheerful)
5. Sneak Out (+2 Willful + 1 Lonely)
6. Play With Toys (+1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful, +1 Yielding)
7. Attend Church (-1 Afraid)
8. Visit Your Mother's Tomb (+1 Depressed; +1 Afraid)
9. Visit Dungeons (+1 Willful, +1 Angry)
10. Visit Julianna, Duchess Ursul (unknown effect) 

The players argue over how to get past the father.  They suggest Presence, Flattery, and Voice.  There is no consensus, so I wait for more input.  Meanwhile, they decide to Attend Church to reduce Afraid.  (I think they were going for improving chances to influence the father here also.)
Player:  ok, I think we definitely need more social skills because we want to p

"You attend services in the castle grove, letting the peace of the ritual calm your heart." Your mood is now AFRAID (Afraid 3, Depressed 3, Willful 2, Lonely 1).

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