Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let's Play Saints Row II: Part VIII

Since Maero is busy with his ho, he won't mind if I go back to his other hideout.

It has a bit of a vermin problem, but once I take care of that, it will make an excellent addition to my growing empire.

I'm contacted by the doctor who treated me after the graffiti incident.  The women in this town really need someone to stand up for them.

All she ever wanted in the world was the chance to be the greatest doctor, and to do that, she needs more patients.  Specifically, one patient...


and over...

and over...

Pierce calls and says he has everything ready to start the campaign against the Ronin gang.

He has a brilliant plan which will minimize risk and loss of life.

Johnny proposes an alternative.

It may or may not involve blowing a hole through everyone in the casino.  (Not pictured:  blowing a hole through everyone in the casino.)

I receive word from a member of my newly-commissioned Feminazi Spy Force deep within Ronin headquarters.  The Ronin leader is not yet impressed enough with our assault to think of the Saints as a threat.

But we have made a dent.  We have made a dent!

I buy some bling to celebrate our victory.

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