Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Play Saints Row II: Part VII

Now I'm a legitimate businessman and look it too.

Carlos gets in touch with Maero the Brotherhood king.  He wants to meet in his underground lair.

He seems like a reasonable person.

I think we can do business if we keep a few things straight.

He's actually kinda cute when he's angry.

Just when things are getting good, the cops show up.

I hate negotiations.

Ugh!  Who is going to clean this mess up?!  I can tell you right now it won't be me.

Maero lives in some kinda cave system/tourist trap.  There are screaming civilians and shooting cops everywhere.

Dang it, Maero.  I just got my hair did.

We finally make it to the surface and exit through the gift shop. I take the time to pick up a Scenic Stalagtite Souvenoir. The clerk merely screams and dives under the counter when I want to argue that it is worn more like a Stalagmite. I guess this will be free then.

Maero's gang is hard at work in the chop shop.

Maero's girl is kinda clingy.

She introduces herself to me...

...and comments that Carlos reminds her of her housekeeper.

You don't seem as grateful as you did when I was scraping cops off your hideout.

All kinds of nope!

Here's how it is going to be. Whatever deal you thought you could make is off. And quit staring at my hat. We're leaving, Carlos.

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