Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Play Saint's Row II: Part II

Time to upgrade the look.  OH YEAH!  I get a cap that says FUZZ on it just so's everyone knows I'm a fan of the law and not a fugitive from justice.

Second priority after clothes is beer.

Someone interrupts my quality TV time.

He must want a bottle upside the head.  (Not pictured:  bottle upside the head.)

Meanwhile across town, Judge Judy here is convicting my homeboy of 300 counts of murder.

I decide to speak now and never hold my peace.

Scuze me buddy, lemme help you with your door.

I'm sure we've all made this face when holding cops at gunpoint from time to time.

Hey, Johnny, ol' buddy!  300 counts of murder, eh?  Pshaw!  Who hasn't from time to time?

We'll be out of your hair momentarily, ma'am.

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