Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Play Saint's Row II: Part V

A girl's gots needs.  For example, my needs are $$$.  This chick's needs involve her coworker.

It's hard being a female radio news reporter.  Her cocaster gets so much more airtime.  I feel you, but what you want me to do about it?

"We're live at the scene of the rampage of the century! Pedestrians dive left and right as the unstoppable madwoman hops from car to car demolishing priceless landmarks and pedestrians alike! Ladies and Gentlemen, I may just have to interrupt my co-host indefinitely to bring you this fascinating coverage."

Hey, it's that sleazy lawyer that was representing Johnny!  Get away from me, man; you'll get lawyer on me.

I can't help you with your police problems, yo.

Okay, well, maybe I can.

I am an expert on cops from my time in the pen!  I can cop like a champ!

This one won't meet me at her office because she is secretly a Socialist revolutionary who wants to take down big government, big shopping, and, eh, whatever else is in front of her at the time.

Quit flapping your mouth, lady. What you really need is an unstoppable force of destruction so powerful that people fear coming within a mile of it. Something that leaves destruction in its wake and salts the earth, am I right?

I know just the thing.

*ahem*  At this point I better mention there is a mime surcharge.
The mad mime bomber pays enough that I can quit for the day.  It's so nice of everyone to keep letting me borrow their rides.

Perfect ten-point landing.  Buy, truck!  Have fun going wherever you're going.

Finally, it's the pad I've always dreamed of.

Bedbugs are only really funny for the first minute or so, then they start to get old.


Dey my boys 4 life!

Say it like you mean it; say it with panthers.

This here my plantin' arm!

And this is where the party at!

To top off the day, I try out our new logo.  The elderly neighborhood residents are art haters and like to criticize with their fists.  I end up in the hospital.  There goes the rest of the money...

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