Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Play Saint's Row II: Part VI

Johnny asks me who gonna be in our crew.  I tell him to let me worry about the lieutenants, and he can round up some grunts.

I check in with Carlos, who has recovered from his shanking. Anyone who takes a shank for me is a brother for life.

Carlos, buddy, before we steal a car in the middle of an angry mob of hos, you gotta let a sista know about it.

Come on people, it's just a car?!

Okay, it is pretty swank doe.

I know your time holding down the parking lot is valuable. What's I gotta do to convince you to come back?


AGGGGGGHHHHH! I mean, Thank you.

Yeah, dressing up like Samurai is kinda insensitive.

Die, cultural appropriationer!

Did I miss the hazing?

Alright, everybody, listen up. Do you know what time it is? It's time to t--No, Lloyd, put your hand down, I'm speaking rhetorically.

It's time to take back the city!

Each of my hand-picked lieutenants will figure out how to infiltrate one of the three gangs who run things these days.
Our time has come again! No! *sigh* Rhetorical, again, Lloyd. I don't mean the exact time is important. Will you take that stupid clock necklace off already???

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