Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Play Saint's Row II: Part III

This is my bro, Johnny.  We've known each other since Kindergarten, when, judging by the age gap, he was the principal.

We grab a convenient car to drive away from the courthouse.  The police are kind enough to give us a 13 car escort away from the scene.

We arrive at the Forgive and Forget--Your One-Stop Shop for Salvation in a Flash!  Here the police leave us.

They are busy anyway after my attempt at learning how to drive.

OHBOY  A crib of my own.

I notice part of the prison I have recently occupied is also for rent.  One day...

Johnny Gat jacks another car then leaves me in the rain to check in with his girlfriend Aisha.  It's time to make a quick buck.

He says property values are way too high.  He hasn't been able to move real estate for months.  He has access to a sewage truck, so he wants me know.

Actually, no.  What?  What are you implying here?

You have got to be joking.

You need to devalue real estate, and this is the first plan that springs to mind?

Crack heads immediately move into the neighborhood and start a synchronized pilates routine.

Now that it's stopped raining...both that it stops raining you want me to come over.

No one will give me a car.  You are clearly too dead to drive.  Let me in!  :(

Some day I will own this lighthouse...

Classy neighborhood.

Oh, right.  It's my neighborhood.

'Sup boys.  Nice of you to hold down the fort all this time.

So...this is the "office area."

A whole night of sewage spraying, and I don't even have enough to replace the bed.  Thug #1 doesn't want me to anyway.  He thinks this option is simply too Mustard.  Perhaps a Dull Wheat or a Flaxen Whisper would be better?  I'm too tired to argue and just fall asleep.

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