Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Play Saint's Row II: Part IV

The boyos have cleared out by the next day.  I have a feeling they are upset I wasn't observing Purple Day.

The key to obtaining a car is to wait at a red light and then hop in when someone stops for you.

Fist bump.  Close in.  Pat pat on the back.  That's the way we roll.

I am so jealous of Johnny's cool tattoos.

I need to get a grill, too.

Okay, try not to scream.  I need to show you something.  It''s called a pony tail.

Aisha kicks us out when we start talking about forming a crew.

Seriously?  This is where you think we should hole up?

I don't know about this...

Well, as long as there's strippers.

We just have to clear out a few squatters and the place is ours.

I decide to class the place up a little.  Ugh.  Fire whoever made this logo!  NOT WITH A GUN.

"Boss, we'll wear whatever you say, but the purple is non-negotiable."

*sigh*  A'ight, fine.

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