Monday, August 17, 2015

Community Game: Driftmoon VI

Player B says, "Walter needs to get a weapon out of his knapsack if he has one, or if not then look about the room for a weapon. If no weapon is available, he should still approach the door cautiously. Then thrust it open suddenly with a loud shout to gain the element of surprise on whoever/whatever is inside, even though he'll probably end up finding a friend or ally."

Walter takes out his dagger, takes a deep breath, and rushes the door. "Ayyyyyy!" he yells. He pounds the door with his shoulder while yanking the doorknob, but the door doesn't give.
Someone on the other side screams like a little girl. Actually, it might be a little girl. "Who's out there!" she yells.
Walter jumps back from the door. "Who is that?" Walter shouts.
"Um, um, um, oh geez, friend or foe?" squeaks the door.
"This is Walter son of Winston. Can you open the door?"
"Walter? No, you're not Walter. Walter moved."
"Look, I came back. Open the door. What happened here?"
"My father locked me in here when the lizards came. I don't know where he is. I'm really thirsty."
"Your dad is Galpi?"
"Is he out there? If you aren't a bad guy, he would tell you where he hid the key..." The voice trails off and falls silent.

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