Sunday, August 16, 2015

Community Game: Driftmoon V

Player A says, "A pot that has boiled itself dry is bad news. I hope there hasn't been CRISIS X during Walter's knock-out.

"I suggest that Walter pinch some food, wash up a little in the kitchen to appear as normal as possible, and cautiously venture out into the pub. If there appears to really be no one about, he should do some snooping in the opened room. If after snooping about the pub and there is truly no one about, he should pinch the arrows. Right now he should only take food, as that can be plausibly explained as 'hungry customer helps himself' if he gets caught."

You find some local cuisine: evil berry juice, dried tomato fish, hot carrots, some cured meats, and a few cans of food. You wash up in the sink and run some cold water over your sore head. You feel a bit more human. As you are drying your hands, you realize that all this time, you have heard nothing but a few birds singing in the distance.

You edge through the beaded curtain. The dining tables are set with clean dishes as they would be before the dinner rush. The innkeeper, Galpi's personal room is standing open. You knock on the heavy carved wooden door saying "Hello?" to an empty room. An embroidered sampler reading, "The hospitality of your house is the measure of your heart," has fallen to the floor. You replace it on the wall and look around the room some more. You spent your boyhood attending weddings, birthdays, and parties at the inn, so you recognize Mr. Galpi now, perfectly represented as a statue beside the bed. The statue is very clearly and distinctly reaching under the bed to pull out a solid stone gun.
You run back to the dining room and look at the statue there. It looks exactly like Rince the Hatmaker. You fall against the table, rattling the dishes. From the door of the closed room, there is a loud THUMP. You remember that that door is the other private bedroom in the Inn.

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