Friday, July 3, 2015

Community Game: Long Live the Queen XXII

You now have Strategy 40.98 and Wield Magic 71.45. You can now create a blade of light, shoot searing light from the end of a staff, and panic people in the same way you could previously panic animals. Due to your high Military skill, you may now tour the barracks and receive a count of your forces on the weekends.

Event: (You fail a Logistics + Trade skill check.) You notice a strange flash of light from the sky. (You fail a Divination skill check.)

Fatal: A failing star! (+Cheerful)

You receive word that the Duchess of Lillah has passed away quietly in her sleep.

Fatal: >:) That's what they think!

She left her title not to the Earl of Io but to Kiran, one of her younger sons. He's 19 and rather handsome. Everything has turned out for the best.

Choose your weekend activity:

1. Visit the Royal Treasury (???)
2. Attend court (+2 Yielding, +1 Depressed + 1 Pressured)
3. Explore Castle (+1 Lonely, +1 Afraid)
4. Visit Tomb (+1 Depressed, +1 Afraid)
5. Attend Service (-1 Angry)
6. Walk in Garden (+1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
7.Play Sports (+1 Angry, - 1 Lonely)
8. Sneak out (+2 Willful, +1 Lonely)
9. Play with toys (+1 Yielding, +1 Lonely, +1 Cheerful)
10. Visit Dungeon (+1 Willful, +1 Angry)
11. Tour Barracks (-1 Willful, + 1 Pressured)

You learn that there are nine battalions and two platoons under your command.

Your mood is now Angry (Angry 4, Cheerful 1, Willful 4, Lonely 4).

Your lowest Military/Lumen skills are Naval Strategy and Logistics.

You now have Naval Strategy 36.93 and Logistics 35.65. Your lowest Military/Lumen skills are now Sense Magic and Logistics.

You unlocked a new outfit.

King Joslyn: I have unpleasant news. Adair, Young Lord of Elath, has been assassinated.

Fatal: What? (+1 Afraid)

Joslyn: He was shot with a crossbow while playing on the grounds of his grandfather's estate.

Fatal: How did this happen? Where were the guards? : |

Joslyn: This is not the first time such events have happened in Ishtar.

Fatal: (You pass an Internal Affairs skill check. The Earl's first wife and oldest daughter also died under mysterious circumstances. You fail a Foreign Affairs skill check. His other daughter married young and died giving birth to Adair. With Adair dead, the only family he has left is his second wife and their son Connor, who's fifteen.)

Should you:

1. Blame the Earl of Ishtar.
2. Blame no one.

I won't be able to look at the outfit until the class selection screen comes up after the weekend.

Fatal: Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times? He's either a traitor or incompetent, but he's useless as an Earl.

Do you want to:

1. Imprison him.
2. Execute him.

Fatal: For failing his responsibilities, his life is forfeit. Connor can be Earl of Ishtar.

Joslyn: As you wish. There is now the matter of the duchy of Elath. By blood, the nearest living heir is Talarist, the Duke of Talasse. (Hint:
This is not your country; this is also the foreign noble whose engagement necklace you wore but whose proposal you did not accept. Elath is, I think, the duchy that Adair was heir to.)

You fail an internal affairs check.

Fatal: 8 ( He's not even a Novan!
Joslyn: But one of his ancestors was. Elath is a major duchy. You cannot afford to lose control of it.

You fail a production skill check.

Should you:

1. Name a Novan heir.
2. Name Talarist the heir.
3. Delay.

Fatal: As Queen, I have the right to pass the lands of an extinct bloodline to a new ruler, like my mother did with Uncle Laurent and Merva. Talarist is only _distantly_ related, and he's foreign. He doesn't count.

Joslyn: Who should inherit the d
uchy then?

Fatal: (success at Internal Affairs check) (There are a few noble families with more children than titles. Arisse the *ahem* former Duchess of Lillah, had six children, and most of them have titles. The oldest are Keven, the Earl of Io, Corisande, the Duchess of Mead, and Charmion, the Duchess-Consort of Kigal. There are three more my age: Kiran, the new Duke of Lillah, his brother Thaddeus and his sister Adele. The Duke and Duchess of Kigal have seven children, three around my age and four younger. And they're all Arisse's grandchildren through their mother, so either way, it would be her line.)

Do you choose:

1. A child of Duke of Kigal
2. A sibling of the Duke of Lillah
3. An administrator from Elath
4. A random commoner!

Oh, sorry, I didn't see this.

Fatal: The Duke of Kigal has so many children. Let him pick one for Elath.

Joslyn: Sure. : |

Your mood is Angry (Angry 4, Cheerful 1, Willful 4, Lonely 4)

You have the usual weekend options.

Just so you know, upcoming are several possible wars depending on your choices, including a naval war, a land war, a civil war, and a peasant uprising. Also, a few assassination attempts are coming.

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