Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our Parent Civilization

So I start up Dwarf Fortress and generate a new world.  It is only 250 years old but already thousands have lived and died there.  I take a quick glance at the statistics and find that battle deaths outnumber deaths from old age.  Sounds like Dwarf Fortress.

(Picture generated by LegendsViewer, a stand-alone Dwarf Fortress utility, abbreviated hereafter as LV.)

Using the Legends Viewer, I consider each of the eight dwarf civilizations on the world.  I like the sound of the Mechanical Banners.  They are a thriving civilization in the temperate zone.  Unlike the other civilizations, they have never been conquered by the goblins, although I must admit that their history has gone a bit stagnant.  They haven't built a new town in over 100 years.
Source:  LV
Their young Queen is a stonecrafter who dreams of creating a masterwork.  I hope to found a new thriving dwarven metropolis that will eventually attract her and allow her to work in peace.  But the critical piece of information decided me on this civilization is their deity list:
Source:  LV
Our mountain deity is a bobcat, and our liminal moon deity is a bumblebee.  (The bobcat is male, but the bumblebee is unspecified).  Also we have the Rouge Deity of Satin "The Father" in charge of family and marriage.  "The Father" is female as are the other deities, except for Ral, God of Jewels and Wealth.  Interesting...

Next time we'll look at siting our new fortress.

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