Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Location, Two Dwarves

Our parent Civilization is located here:
Source:  Legends Viewer
We are in red.  To the left is a blue Dark Human/Goblin civilization.  To the south is a Human Civilization, to the East an Elvish civilization, and to the north the outskirts of another dwarven civ.  We are embarking to the north on the far side of the elves.  Hopefully they will provide a buffer zone between us and the goblins.
Source:  Dwarf Fortress with Spacefox_16x16 tileset
We name our outpost "Amithsarvesh," AKA Delightfurnace.  Our little expedition party is Dibeshzuglar, AKA The Crazy Ships.  We set off with two picks, an axe, an anvil, a small packet of each kind of seed known to our kind, 120 quarts of diverse spirits, and a barrel apiece of many different meats.  I choose the meats with the criteria:  A.  cheapness and B.  weirdness.  So we have kingsnake, wolverine, naked mole dog, aardvark, two-humped camel, and many other weird meats.  I also bought 24 citron logs to found our outpost.  We brought seven dwarves, three dogs, three cats, and five peacocks.  Our parent civilization saw us off with a sturdy wagon and two oxen to pull it.

We are led by Risen Idenadas, a "short, sturdy creature" with "a very good feel for social relationships," "an ability to read emotions fairly well," and "a way with words."  He values tranquility and quiet and respects the law.  Likes:  Conglomerate, Sterling Silver, Diamond, Aye-Aye Leather, Llama Wool, Flax, Spears, Shields, Quivers, Weapon Racks, and Badger Men (for their underground communities).  Favorite Beer:  Foxtail Millet.  Favorite Food:  Pomelos.  Hates:  Brown Recluse Spiders.

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Risen is a Competent Mechanic and a Novice in various Administrative and Social Skills.  He has an "angular chin" with a "medium-length" beard in double braids.  He has "dark tan" skin and "chestnut" hair (but none on his head).

One of our miners is Zaneg Tulonabir.  She is also a Skilled Stone Crafter.

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 Zaneg was chosen for her dream of mastering a skill and "a feel for the surrounding space."  She will quickly become a legendarily-fast miner, and her stone crafting skills will also soon be mastered.  She is described as "fat," and her "very long hair is braided."  She has "low cheekbones" and a "short head."  I think she manages to pull it off well.  She has "light brown" skin and "dark chestnut" hair.

We'll look at a few other dwarves next time.

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